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Jun 5

Written by: DeWayne Adamson
6/5/2013 9:05 AM

Exposure – This was defined as contractors doing the mandatory branding and advertising to keep their corporate identity prominent when compared to their peers.

There was not a single contractor we spoke with who was not proud of their website or their logo. Gone are the days when an expensive yellow page ad or Bluebook listing was the key to success. These contactors know that an impressive website that customers can find easily is now their number one means of being sought out, professional, and competent. While we are at it, let’s lump in email addresses as well. Sending an introduction letter to a GC from a Hotmail account is not much better than sending a bid in on a napkin. Each of the respondents in our top category had email accounts with their corporate name that matched their website. The website gives contractors the opportunity to show off recent projects and testimonials and it allows GC’s to separate them from the competition. A professional web presence can be the deciding factor on many project awards. One contactor made the following analogy: having a professional website versus having an unprofessional or no website is like showing up on the jobsite in a work truck versus showing up on the jobsite in a car with tools in the trunk. It’s simply a necessity.

Performance – We can refer to this as having a sense of urgency within the company’s core that makes honoring commitments a top priority.

If you do not show up on the jobsite when you are scheduled, the other 6 elements do not matter. This is another one of the key traits that separate the good contractors from the bad ones. All of the successful contracting companies rated this as one of the most important if not the most important factor. Of course, there are certain situations that nobody can control. Despite great planning and genuine effort, sometimes a problem in scheduling is inevitable. The difference we found here, however, was in the communication and shear sense of urgency these contractors expressed when discussing it. “Resource Allocation” is a key phrase today. This includes making sure that the proper materials, equipment and manpower is on site at the right time, confirmed, and executed accordingly. Not only does this make the client happy, it results in dramatic improvements to the profit line. There is nothing more detrimental to the job cost than a crew showing up outside the scheduled window or employing a crew without the proper equipment. The other obvious result, other than losing money, is losing the opportunity to bid a job like this again with the client.

Reputation – This stems from a combination of the other 6 elements, which results in the winning edge in good times and in bad.

This is the trait that all contractors strive to build and work very hard to maintain. It does not happen overnight and it does not happen by adherence to some or most of the elements. It requires implementation of them all. Reputation, as we all know, is earned over time. The top-tier contractors said that they value their reputation and refuse to do anything that may jeopardize it. There are things that can be done to accelerate the process like working diligently to incorporate the other 6 features we have listed; however, the reputation of a solid, trusted contractor trumps all else. Do not be discouraged that this takes time to earn, as the process of building a solid reputation means that the other traits are all a work-in-process. Based on that alone contractors are looked at differently than those who do not have the other traits.


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