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Project Leads

Pantera Sub Mall will send you project leads based on your specific trades and locations where you do work. You will be sent project leads that are exactly what you are looking for and giving you direct access to the project bid information and the associated documents for free download or access to the hard copy plans.    Read More

Profile Page

As a member of the Sub-Mall community a Profile Page is created for your company that you can edit and modify to exhibit your Company Information, Logo, Pictures, References, Insurance docs and any other information you would like to add to make your company stand out from the competition. Your Profile Information is kept current in any Pantera General Contractors address book with a direct link back to your page to show your contacts that you meet their pre-qualification needs for a particular project. You are also displayed in the Pantera Directory so all Contractors have access to your information for bids in your area.    Read More

Pantera Tools for the Sub

All Sub-Mall users have the same features that are available to ALL General Contractors. This means you have the ability to set up your own Planroom/FTP site, your own address book, and the ability to use the Invitation to Bid to solicit bids from your sub-contractors and your Suppliers. Send them an Invitation, share the files and they too can download the plans for free or order hard copy plans.    Read More

Print Online

The next time you receive digital files from an owner or contractor, upload them to Pantera and we will print them for less than your cost of printing on your own in-house printer! Not only that, but we will deliver the Plans to your door with FREE shipping subject to a 15 dollar minimum order. Think about that next time instead of standing by the machine, buying toner or driving and waiting in line at the copy shop and paying 3 to 4 times what Pantera charges. If you have an in-house plotter and need plotter paper, visit our store for the cheapest paper on the web.    Read More

Our Partners

If you would like to use PlanSwift’s take-off and estimating tool or iCloud Takkeoff, there is a free application for you as a Sub-Mall member. eSub offers you a free application as well to manage your Projects.    Read More