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Planroom/FTP/Document Management

Pantera Tools allows owners to manage the Construction Documents during the Pre-Construction phase as well as the Construction phase. Outsource the entire Pre-Construction process to Pantera. Your Contractors are invited to download the files or order them as Hard Copies. All project and document reports can be exported to Excel. Using our Doc Clerk Service allows you the comfort of knowing that all drawings and all revisions are put through a quality control process to be sure that every revision is always put into a current set and listed and named accordingly. No more delays or mistakes because of wrong Documents.    Read More

Project Wall

Using the Project Wall during the Construction phase keeps you directly in touch with all participants on the job. It allows you to respond to an RFI instantly and communicate the answer to any or all members of the construction team. Projects are no longer delayed waiting on a response from the GC, Architect or Owner. You collaborate and see progress live.    Read More

Integration Partner Opportunities

Pantera’s modular technology allows us to integrate with other technologies easily. We currently are technology Partners with Sitefolio and with CPBid. If you use another system for Site Selection, Capital Improvement or Project Management, we can easily be an added value to your existing system.    Read More


Our service can be priced as a variable or fixed fee. Many of our owners actually receive the entire offering at no cost by offsetting the cost to the recipient. Pantera saves your contractors time and money, and helps them find more bids. This ultimately saves the owner a considerable amount of money with more competitive bids and also helps to get the project done faster. As each Owner has special criteria contact us at sales@panteratools.com so can address your specific needs.