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Integrated Plan Room

We all agree that using a 3rd party technology provider is far cheaper and vastly superior than trying to build your own Invitation to Bid system, or piece together email components with ftp sites. The problem with the 3rd party ITB is that the success of some of these systems, has resulted in the devaluation of them, as they appear to the sub contractor. Subs get Invites everyday from your competitors that look just like yours! Worse yet, these same 3rd parties are then redirecting your private data base of subs back to their own platform for the job files. Not only have you shared your private data..., these subs of yours will now be solicited by the 3rd party for a chance to provide bids, to YOUR competition. Who is getting the web traffic and the branding? Not you! You are actually paying the 3rd party to brand THEM to YOUR subs. This makes absolutely no sense!

Pantera's Integrated Plan Room can provide you with the most sophisticated tools for file sharing, contact management, messaging and reporting all built into your current web site. Your subs will be getting an Invite from YOU. Your Invite will stand out because it is branding your company not someone else’s. Don’t be fooled by them simply placing your logo on the transmittal and the links. See where the web traffic is actually directed!

Your subs will not be sold off to your competition. Your website will now have advanced technology built right into it with all the traffic coming back to you, enhancing your corporate identity to your subs and your customers.

Having your own Integrated Plan Room system will give you back your individuality and corporate brand. It will not prevent you from using other Plan Rooms for additional sub coverage; it will simply put you in control of your data. Stop paying to promote someone else. Enhance your corporate brand and increase your bid response rate instantly. Contact us toll free at 1-877-219-9777 or Click Here to email us. Thank you!

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Photo Gallery & Pricing

See samples of Integrated Plan Room websites here, as well as pricing and comparison with other 3rd party systems.

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