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Address Book Management

Address Book Manager

The Pantera Tools Address Book is unmatched in the construction industry. A dynamic set of unlimited fields allow general contractors to create groups based on their unique requirements. Call up contacts by Trade, CSI code, State, City, County, Radius or create custom fields. Create fields to rate contacts, make special notes, track Union/Non-Union status or any other criteria the contractor desires.

Pantera Tools Address Book Manager can be customized to meet the needs of any general contractor and helps users win more bids!

Call 877.219.9777 or email for more information on how Pantera Tools can help you better manage your address book!

Address Book Updater

Pantera Tools Address Book Updater will update all of your contacts via direct input from your subcontractors. Pantera notifies subcontractors of your request for current contact information and once verified, Pantera Tools makes the updated correction in your private address book.

Finally, an easy no cost way to have an up-to-date address book with all the information about your contacts, including a link to the contact's profile page that may include photos, references and pre-qualification data. Any changes made on your contact's profile page will automatically reflect in your Address Book.