Optional Document Management

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Document Management

An experienced document clerk will view all drawings the general contractor uploads, to ensure drawings are uploaded in their entirety, per the title sheet, while making sure they are correctly sized and converted into print ready format, making it easier for subcontractors to view and print the documents, increasing the number of bids the general contractor receives for a project, which increases the likelihood of winning the job.

Once this initial quality check and conversion is complete, the document clerk will individually name and organize the drawings in accordance with the title sheet. When addenda are uploaded they are merged into a “Current Set” with complete history of each set as it existed prior to any change. This assures total control that all participants have the correct documents.

No more excuses from team members about not receiving the correct files or updated revision. Reduce the likelihood of a delay or a change order because someone was too busy to update the set or notify the recipients. Saving one mistake from happening pays for the Doc Clerk service for year’s not to mention all the extra time saved in house. Put your people back to work bidding and managing projects!

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