Fully Customizable Invitation to Bid

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Construction Invitation to Bid

Construction Invitation to Bid

Invite Sub Contractors to bid your project, using your Private address book or Pantera's Sub Mall. You may select Sub Contractors based on their proximity to the project you are bidding, using a radius search and then filter further to select scopes of work, using CSI codes and within minutes the invitation to bid your project may be sent to thousands of subcontractors.

Your contacts can accept or decline your invitation, download plans to bid for free or order printed blueprints. RSVP tools and messaging features as well as Pantera's advanced reporting tools give you access to all the information you need to manage the bidding process. 1 GB unmetered bandwidth assures your subs quick and easy access to your drawings. A happy sub means a more competitive bid!

Call 877.219.9777 or email sales@panteratools.com for more information on how Pantera Tools can help you bid projects more efficiently and get you more bids!