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The Pantera Plan Room is unmatched in its simplicity and power. Years of experience gained from actual Construction knowledge and Plan Room expertise from the Industry’s best have brought a system to you that will win you more work, enhance your corporate image and save you money. Full File Sharing, Messaging, Contact Management, Collaboration, optional Document Management and Full Reporting in one easy to use system.

1 Gb of bandwidth with unmetered use make it easy for your Sub to access files. Happy Subs mean better bids and more bidders. Optional access to our Pantera Community gives you a broader reach when you need it.

Stop sharing your Sub Data, Stop promoting the Third Party providers by directing all your Sub Traffic to them. You deserve your own Brand and your own Plan Room.


Document Sharing

Construction File Sharing

What could be better than a 1 Gigabyte unmetered pipe to get your Subs the files they need fast. Send unique access keys to share as few or as many files as your want. Full RSVP and Reporting shows you who got what when.

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Address Book Manager

Address Book Management

Pantera’s Contact Manager is the Industry’s best Address Book. Unlimited contacts and data fields allow you to segment your Subs into as many categories as you need. Search them by Trade, Territory, Previous activity or Ranking. Use the Updater to always keep it current.

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Invitation to Bid

Invitation to Bid

Create a Project, Upload the Files, Add the participants, create your message. Accept/Decline, RSVP, and track activity. Reply publicly or privately. Notify any or all participants of changes. Automatic unique access keys and company branded Invites

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Project Collaboration

Project Collaboration

Use our Project Wall to communicate in an open environment or privately to any or all participants in the project. Answer RFI’s, send notices of addenda and watch all communication take place on your news feed for each Project.

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New Integrated Plan Room!

Pantera is addressing a major issue with today's online Plan Rooms - How they use your Subs to build their own brand instead of yours.

You've invested a ton of money building a great website. But, if you use an online Plan Room, your Subs aren't coming to it. They're going to the Plan Room's site. AND once your subs are there, the Plan Room works to keep them there by recruiting them into their network and marketing them to other GCs.

The Fully-Integrated Plan Room Pantera has developed keeps you at the center of the relationship with your Sub. It builds your brand by bringing Subs to your site and keeping them on your site where they can access all of Pantera's advanced capabilities: Plan download, project updates, click to print, and much more.

You have worked hard to build your Brand Recognition, direct your contacts and your new customers to your website not the Invitation to Bid providers site. It only makes sense and it’s only available with Pantera!

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Integrated Plan Room

Integrated Online Plan Room

Have you wondered how your Subs see your company through their eyes from the process you use to communicate with them?

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Document Management

Construction Document Management

Pantera offers our Doc Clerk service on an “as needed” basis. Full Outsourced Document Management relieves the strain and the liability of keeping files current.

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