How it Works

We go the extra step.

Meeting your specific needs.

Customize your secure online portal.

Quality checks and assurance.

Easy setup and enrollment.

PreQualification Notice

Pantera Tools not only collects documentation required by your firm but goes the extra step to verify every document received. Whether it be bonding reference letters, trade licenses, certificate of insurance, business registrations, Minority Business Entity registrations, or others, your organization will have the knowledge you need, when you need it.

PreQualification Needs

Our specialists help your firm determine the financial stability of your subcontractors and suppliers by pulling public records for bankruptcy filings, tax liens, and judgments. Our team also has the ability to pull further detailed types of business credit reports should your firm require a more detailed internal analysis, all of which may be executed at any frequency to meet your specific needs.

PreQualification List

With Pantera’s PreQualification feature, you have the ability to customize and set your own qualification requirements. Choose from our recommended list, or request documentation specific to you or your owner’s requirements, the PreQualification system allows for full customization to meet your specific needs. Upon program commencement, the PreQualification team helps your subcontractors enroll, collects the required documents, then verifies them based on your organization’s risk management guidelines and parameters. All details, documents collected and results are provided through your secure online portal.

PreQualification Check

Through our producing agency verification, you are immediately notified if anything has been changed, altered, or canceled with the insurance coverage of your contractors and vendors. Our team also verifies coverage requirements are being met and contacts your contractors and vendors if changes are required.

PreQualification Setup

The initial enrollment process for your subcontractors and suppliers takes only minutes to complete. Once enrolled, the PreQualification team will follow up with your subcontractors and suppliers to help stay on top of any missing submission requirements. The process is also a “self-check” feature so your subcontractors and suppliers know exactly what information on their business may be fraudulent or incorrect.

The Pantera Difference

Invitation to Bid
Collection & Verification

A proven process for the collection and verification of information from your contractors, subcontractors, and vendors.

Scheduling & Task Assignment
Proven Process

Our team ensures the data is being updated annually, semi-annually, or more often determined upon your organizational needs. Our services can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization, so your firm can make knowledgeable contracting decisions.

Document Storage
Secure Online Portal

The Verifications Team is based in the U.S. and confidently and securely handles the full process for you. All you do is log in to your system and review your data.

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