November 17, 2010 10 Day Notice!!

Last Updated By Drew Smith On 11/17/2010


By now you have surely heard about PanteraTools. A no hassle, no strings attached, no cost, safe, easy, and productive way to manage your bidding process and construction documents. The Pantera Sub-Mall continues to populate with Sub-Contractors willing to provide you with quality bids at no cost to you, or them. We are building Community.

Within the next 10 days we will launch the most provocative and advanced technology ever introduced into our Industry. It will be available for you to use, to do all of the processes necessary for managing your Projects during the bid, sorting and messaging your private contractors, sending files to the Sub-Mall for open bids, storing and distributing files, qualifying your contractors, importing our Subs into your address book, and managing your construction projects after the award, in either an open collaborative way, or in a closed private method. It is simple and stunning. We are building Community.

Our PanteraTools Invitation to Bid and the Planroom is worth from 4,000 Dollars to 20,000 Dollars depending on who you use. (your in-house methods have a cost, limitations, and a risk, as well). This product, and access to the Sub-Mall is yours for Free. The PROJECT WALL is our new Collaborative product mentioned above. There is no other product to compare it against, because none exist. Project Management systems can cost 100,000 Dollars per year. The Project Wall is yours to use Free as well. We are building Community.

This is an especially great product for Owners, Architects and GC’s. Subs may use to to communicate with their Vendors and Specialty Trades. It is Free to all Groups. The idea began with the thought of “What If?”, we could combine a Planroom, an ITB, an Address Book, all similar to numerous out there, but better, and then add a vast network of Contractors, and combine it with a COLLABORATIVE PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL (the Project Wall), that brings it all together as one free product. We can finance this with residual printing offered at low rates and sell upgraded products for those who want even more sophistication by integrating our Partners applications into the system. But you can take my word to the bank on this one. Nothing compares at any price, and it is yours free. You will save money on needless software, hardware and bandwidth, no upload or download fees, increase productivity in the office, increase job profits in the field, and win more bids. All under one platform. We are building Community.

Register at PRIOR to the December launch to be included in the initial release. Those that do, will be saving a lot of money, and improving their productivity and profitability, but will also be helpful, and a part of, implementing improvements to the product in the future. Help us build the Community.

We will be turning the Registration button OFF after the launch of the Project Wall to avoid growing pains, and to maintain our current levels of service with regard to Bandwidth and Capacity. Your registration after launch will be placed in a Que, and we will turn access on to you asap. Become part of the Community Today!


As many of you know, we are now working with Sitefolio and CPBid. We have also added numerous Retailers who use Pantera directly, as well as through our Partners.

Within the next 10 days we will launch our next generation of PanteraTools with the addition of the Project Wall. The Project Wall will be great for GC’s to communicate with all participants during the construction phase, but there is a great fit for Architects and Owners to use the Wall during the design phase and beyond.

Each Project Wall is its own group (project) with your designated participants ( civil, structural, mechanical ect.) where you can collaborate prior to release. After the award of the project, the GC or owner (or both) can take over and disconnect those not needed, but leave the Architect in the group to deal with RFI’s and general clarifications. Transfer is as easy as changing the Admin. or just starting a new Wall.

I am looking for Architects to use the product early and assist us in dialing in actions needed for perfection. Think of it as Usendit (on steroids) meets, Basecamp, meets LinkedIn. I use those names stickily for reference to the products capability. If you would be willing to help, register as a GC ( we will change the text on launch to add the words Architect and Owner) and upload some files. You can use all the functions we currently offer with regard to file storage and distribution now, and then use the Project Wall in about 10 days.

There is no charge for any part of it. If you choose to charge for plans on other projects you may have (that’s where we make money) we will do a revenue share with you as we do with others. Contact me directly with feedback, and to answer any questions you may have at or

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