March 2, 2011 $1000 Contest Winner

Contest Winner Announcement!

We are proud to announce the winner of our February Contest. In the contest we asked for ideas on how to convince customers that a Free Service can indeed be better than a paid service. We know from our experience and the testimonials of our customers that PanteraTools exceeds the offerings of those who charge Thousands of Dollars. The challenge was how to make potential customers feel comfortable trying a service that seems too good to be true. We will begin to implement the suggestions below.

And the winner is …… M. Samantha Romaine, San Diego Ca

Samantha’s check for $1,000.00 will go out this week. Thank you Samantha!

See Samantha’s entry below;

I did want to say that I think you guys have a great product… and if you can get companies there, you’ll be set!! But drawing people in requires accessing all the different cognitive ways people take in information… ie. people who are tactile, want a paper they can hold that directs them where to do – or interactive buttons to push… visual people want bullet points and images… auditory people are the most difficult as they want to listen to someone talk… I’m not auditory 🙂

At this point, I would bet that you would have had a few more people, possibly even more than that, sign up if it was more addressed to the visual and tactile people… contractors tend to be visual and tactile – they don’t want to listen, they want to see it and they want to build it… architects and engineers tend to be visual and tactile… but more aesthetically inclined… if it doesn’t look good, they will ignore it… developers just want it efficient and cheap… the ones I have experience with don’t care how it looks, lol…

So you gotta draw in the ones that hit on your site, and not lose their interest within the first paragraph – and really, there shouldn’t be any paragraphs – chunked and bulleted information and visual aids only will keep the attention (of which you only get 2 seconds to do it) of the ones who are already hitting on your site… and then you gotta get the attention of the rest… email blasts… fliers at their offices… etc…

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