2015 was a great year for Pantera. We acquired Plan Express further establishing our credentials as a leading provider of document management services. The move expanded our company and we brought on some immensely talented and hardworking team members. The move also allowed us to work with some of the retail industries best and brightest companies including The Gap and WaWa.

In the fall of 2015 we released our Verified Network and our Public Directory, both huge additions to our award winning project management system. We spent long hours developing the Verified Network over the course of the year, working diligently with Karen Herrera and the ProQual team to build something that would really make a difference in the industry. Through that hard work and collaboration, the product exceeded our expectations and is something that we are truly proud of.

Karen’s knowledge of the construction risk management industry thoroughly impressed our team. The vision she laid out for the future of subcontractor risk mitigation is something that we believe will revolutionize the industry, improving safety, overall performance, and decreasing litigation.

In 2016 we look forward to bringing even more innovative solutions to the tables and delighting our clients even further. For more information about the acquisition, please click here.

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