Project Owners and Developers Tools

Start to finish project management with your needs in mind.

Comprehensive prequal form

Bid Document Management

Our Doc Clerk Services Team reviews and confirms each set of plans. Your plan documents are checked for missing files, then reviewed, rotated, indexed and checked for compliance with the title sheet provided.

Updates recorded in real time

Plan Distribution Tracking

Each document downloaded by your General Contractor is assigned a unique access key. Our team is able to track what the General Contractors and/or Vendors have viewed and downloaded - down to the date and time.

Update all contacts for free

Contractor and Subcontractor Qualifications

Through our ProQual by Pantera Qualification module, all of your due diligence document collection, verification and additional business screenings of your contractors, vendors and suppliers can be managed in one spot. For program details, visit our ProQual by Pantera page here.


Our unique solutions help you manage your General Contractor and vendor communications.