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Plan Room and Document Sharing

Our Integrated, White-Labeled, Plan Room offers complete branding and customization capabilities. We put your organization at the forefront of all communication, with complete integration into your company website. Additionally everything within your plan room is tailored to your specifications. So whether it’s a specific reporting feature, a custom address book, or a unique widget; we’re going to work with you to create exactly the plan room that you want. With our integrated plan room you also get unlimited document storage, the ability to see who accessed, downloaded or printed files and access to our Pantera Document Clerk and Print Partner Network to optimize your Pantera experience.    Read More

Call 877-219-9777 for details or email

Document Management/Doc Clerk

Manage all your construction documents and grant access to any or all of your documents. Use our Doc Clerk Service to outsource the time consuming and liability issues of revision control. Each file is individually named and sorted in accordance with the title sheet. All addenda are merged into a “Current Set” with complete history of each set as it existed prior to any change. This assures total control that all participants have the correct documents.    Read More

Contact Manager/Address Book

The PanteraTools Address book is unmatched in the Construction Industry. A dynamic set of unlimited fields allow the user to create groups per their unique requirements. Call up contacts by Trade, CSI code, State, City, County or Radius. Create fields to Rate you contacts or make special notes on each. Create Union/Non-Union or any other criteria you require. Using the Updater feature keeps your address book always current. Upload your Excel spread sheet to Pantera and our staff will create the best Contact Management system you have ever had.    Read More

Address Book Updater

Is your address book contact data old and out of date? Another unique feature of PanteraTools is the Contact Updater. Pantera will manage and update all of your contacts via direct input from your sub-contractors. Your information is verified and corrected into your Private Address Book. Sub-Contractors are not required to join the Sub-Mall. Finally, an easy no cost way to have an up to date contact list with all the information about each sub including a link back to the contacts Profile Page and Pre Qualification data. Any changes made on the Contacts Profile will automatically be updated in your Address Book.    Read More

Invitation to Bid

Invite subcontractors to bid your projects and download drawings from your Pantera FTP site. You can customize your Pantera private address book to match your existing database. You are allowed 100,000 contacts. Search your address book using our radius search or your own requirements and instantly send invitations via email or fax to your subs. Manage all of your subs with customized tools in your address book. Your contacts can accept or decline your invitation, download plans to bid for free or order hard copy plans. You have all the reporting you need to manage your bidding process. 1 GB unmetered bandwidth assures your subs easy access. A happy sub means a more competitive bid!    Read More


You can collaborate with all your project contacts on your Pantera Project Wall. Instantly send RFI notifications, project updates, and schedule meetings with everyone working on your projects, or any type of project communication. Post addenda, schedules and notices. You can collaborate publicly so all your contacts have instant access to all the project information. You can also message privately.    Read More

Project Bid’s from our Community

Take advantage of the Pantera Sub Mall. When you publish your project to the Pantera Sub Mall, we match your criteria to our database of subcontractors looking to bid your work. They have an opportunity to download your files and submit a bid directly to your company. You can view the subcontractors profile and qualifications. All reporting is fully integrated with your reports. Test a bid project against others who claim over one million subs and you will see why the Pantera Sub-Mall Community is the only network you need.    Read More

Our Partner's

The integration of CPBid’s Total Bid product and the free access to Tom’s Planner for drop and drag Gant Charts, along with on-line Project Management via eSub, or on-line take-off and estimating tools for you and your subs with Plan Swift and iCloud Takeoff puts all of your Construction Technology needs on one Portal.    Read More