Why are contractors switching to Pantera?

General Contractors, Subcontractors, Retailers & Project Owners are all switching from our competitors to Pantera Tools because we offer:

Customized Technology Solutions

Wide Range of Features

90% Cost Savings

We provide customized technology solutions throughout the entire construction process. We aim to provide our customers with the best, all-in-one construction software for managing their projects, documents, and communication.

From scheduling and task assignments to invoicing and payment processing, our goal is to provide our customers with one, easy-to-use solution to manage all of their construction projects.

Everything you need in one software, for one discounted price. We save our customers up to 90% on their third-party project management, document storage, and merchant account fees compared to the competition.

What do we offer?

Pantera Competitor Comparison

Invitation to Bid
Invitation to Bid and Bid Management

General Contractors can quickly send custom branded bid invitations to their private subcontractor contacts, our public directory, and even The BlueBook Network’s database with a simple click. Similarly, with the Pantera Tools Invitation to Bid platform, Subcontractors can get matched to precisely the jobs they want, without any excess or random invitations.

Scheduling & Task Assignment
Scheduling & Task Assignment

Let’s face it: our projects have many different moving parts to keep track of. Our easy-to-use Scheduling feature allows you to view project progress at a calendar glance, Gantt chart, and even break down by task list where you can assign tasks to each team member. Take on schedule delays with change requests, where set successors and dependencies will automatically update each team member’s task list. The scheduling feature also allows you to easily import existing MS Projects.

Document Storage
Document Storage & Sharing

Save more on your monthly costs by removing the need for third-party storage solutions such as DropBox or Google Drive. Within your existing Pantera Tools account, you can store, manage, share, and markup all of your documents in one place, with no extra cost or integrations needed. Gain access to the best-in-class printing and shipping solution with our partners at PlanExpress.

RFI Punch List
RFI & Punch List

Team communication is seamless with RFI’s and Punch List tools. If subcontractors have a question regarding the project or task, they can easily submit an RFI where you can communicate directly. Keep everyone up to date by assigning them a Punch List item to show who is responsible by setting priorities, due dates, locations, notes, and attachments.

Contact Database

Unlike other invitations to bid and construction project management solutions, we keep your contacts private. General Contractors, for example, can access and store their private subcontractor database for upcoming projects without having to enroll them in the public Pantera Tools database. Access more subcontractors with the Pantera public directory and The BlueBook Network integration.

Invoicing & Payment Processing

The Invoicing and Payment Processing features bring Pantera Tools one step closer to providing General Contractors and Subcontractors the ability to consolidate all of their project management, invoicing, field tracking, and document storage within one software fraction of the cost. Our partnership with PaySimple allows our customers to process payments without any long-term contracts or monthly merchant account fees. Sending invoices and receiving payments is easier than ever with the newest integration. Customers are also provided discounted payment processing fees directly in the software.


Unlike other construction software platforms, Pantera Tools incentivizes our customers to keep their brand consistent and stand out from the competition. By offering white-labeled plan rooms, General Contractors can send branded bid invites. We also allow custom report templates, so customers can view what they need.

Risk Mitigation

Prequalification automates your risk mitigation process by streamlining your workflow with an easy-to-use, customized interface. Our Prequalification features also create a systematic approach to ensure the data is updated annually, semi-annually, or more often, depending on your organizational needs.

Mobile App

Whether in the field or at the office, keep your project on schedule with the free Pantera Tools Mobile App. Available for download with iOS and Android.


Easily share and enter submittals for your team to verify items to get started.

daily report
Daily Reports

Track what happens on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for each project. Within Daily Reports, view and share weather conditions, work logs, notes, expenses, deliveries, surveys, and attachments.


“We have been a Procore customer for several years, but grew tired of paying so much when we don’t use all of their features. We’re excited to be using Pantera Tools!”

Integrated Builds

“Recently, we started using Pantera to send out Invitations to Bid for our heavy civil construction projects. We are highly impressed with the functionality, customizations, and customer service. Not only are we enjoying Pantera, but our subcontractors are pleased with it as well which has led to greater response on their end.”

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