Why Branded Bids Win More Work [Infographic]

Are you finding your bid invitations going to spam? Is your team having a hard time getting bid results? If so, it might be time to switch to a custom platform proven to get you better bid results and ultimately win more work.

With Pantera Tools, general contractors can white-label their bid invites to match their website and brand.

Branded Bids

What This Means For You

Regarding our branding capabilities, Linda Lee, Preconstruction Project Assistant at Findorff, stated, “We really like the fact that with Pantera, our website and our invites come directly from us, so it’s not confusing for other subcontractors that we’re communicating with”.

With the customization and personalization of their plan room, bid invitations, and templates, other clients like McDonald York Building Company have increased bid participation. Without any third-party branding, subcontractors communicate seamlessly and directly to McDonald York without any confusion.

Whether you are an ENR 400 GC or a smaller company, Pantera’s white-labeling will make your website so much more beneficial to both you and your subcontractors.

Schedule a demo today to learn how hundreds of GCs are now getting better bid results, and winning more work!

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