July 1, 2012 New Website / Fully Integrated Plan Room

The team at Pantera was tasked with launching a new web site for the company that would be iPad and Mobile compatible. Seems easy right? A couple of dozen pages on the Front End, a couple hundred modules, new text and graphics, no problem.

No problem (just kidding) until suddenly the boss says he needs it in one week…..Excuse me? We can’t do all that and totally redesign the skins of the website too. It’s not possible.

Boss says let’s do it because we need to launch a new product at the same time and we don’t want to wait any longer. New Product and a new Website, oh boy.

Well, as you are reading this post, written by us with the callused fingers and long over tired from lack of sleep, we did it in 6 days!

Congratulations to my fellow team members. Let’s get some rest and see what comes next. The fun part about working for Pantera is the fast paced leap frog approach to the way things are done. Never a dull moment around here, but that’s what it takes to stay in front.

Check out the marketing materials on the Integrated Plan Room. Too cool, and bound to get us all back into production mode for the new customers it will bring.

Till next time, see ya!

Dev Team One

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