Pantera integration with The Blue Book means 1 click to access 1 million Subs

The power of Pantera and the presence of The Blue Book

Pantera Tools today announced an integration partnership with The Blue Book whereby Pantera’s customers can use their Branded Invitation to Bid system as they always have, too keep their data base of Subs private, but also, with one click, broadcast to The Blue Books Sub Contractor data base for additional sub bids.

Pantera’s CEO Dewayne Adamson states that they have always kept their General Contractors subs private, but the competition changed the playing field by making Sub Contractors register in order to view an invite. This resulted in private subs becoming part of the competitor’s public directory. Adamson further stated that as a former contractor he understood the long-term negative effect of putting that public directory in place and refused to compromise his customers private data. By partnering with The Blue Book, Pantera has accomplished the goal of providing the highest bid response rate, maintaining data privacy, supplying custom websites with Bid and Project Management Tools as well as having the largest directory of Subs anywhere.

About The Blue Book Building & Construction Network®:

The Blue Book Building and Construction Network® / is an employee-owned company and the largest, most active network in the U.S. commercial construction industry. Today, The Blue Book Network® defines and delivers the industry through three unparalleled databases of: companies, projects and people. By integrating and understanding the relationships shared by these groups, The Blue Book Network® provides an indispensable resource to connect with the industry every day.

About Pantera Global Technology:

Pantera Global Technology, formed in 2009 by construction and technology veteran Dewayne Adamson, is a leading provider of powerful bid, project, and risk management software for the Construction Industry.

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