December 19, 2013Pantera Named a “Top Twenty Most Promising Construction Technology

The latest issue of CIO Review is its annual “Construction Technology Special” issue which features profiles of the “20 Most Promising Construction Technology Solution Providers.” As a veritable who’s who of the construction technology industry, the list features both the long established and the quickly rising.

Breaking into the ranks in this year’s issue was none other than Pantera Global Technology. The article features an interview with President and CEO DeWayne Adamson and talks about Pantera’s background, the strides made in recent years, and a vision for the future. DeWayne alludes to this saying “We will continue to be flexible and proactive in developing our products so that they provide maximum value for the construction community. We are building software today that will keep Pantera always a step ahead”

Speaking to DeWayne about being named a Top 20 Construction Technology Provider, he acknowledged that it was indeed an accomplishment and something to be proud of, but he was quick to iterate that this was just the beginning and that there was plenty of hard work to be done to achieve Pantera’s goals.

True to his word, DeWayne and the Pantera Team, fresh off the release of Pantera Project Insight, an end-to-end project management system that is sure to revolutionize the industry, are hard at work developing the next set of solutions for the construction industry. When asked about what’s coming down the pike for 2014, DeWayne said “We’ve got something in the works that will be the talk of the industry and will provide a platform for Pantera’s future growth” adding succinctly “trust me, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

To read more about DeWayne’s vision for the future pick up a copy of CIO Review or click the link below to see the digital version. Keep an eye out for DeWayne and the Pantera team at the upcoming World of Concrete in January and stay tuned for some major announcements in the coming weeks.

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