Pantera Global Technology announced the release of a new version of its PreQualification software for General Contractors. PreQualification by Pantera has been known for being the only service that not only collects but also verifies subcontractor qualification data. PreQualification by Pantera o allows large construction firms to have their own version to collect and verify the data through the customized SAAS CRM that Pantera has developed.

With the new PreQualification feature, each General Contractor can customize the design and build of their own internal workflow. Completely customizable prequalification forms to match existing forms, including custom header, field categories/tabs, subcategories, field name/descriptions along with alerts, and notifications are also available.

General Contractors can build conditional or nested fields, where responses can reveal additional questions to answer. Advanced permissions have also been added to control what users can see on a field-by-field basis. The user can be notified immediately upon specific field values being updated by a contact. Key features also included are Digital Signature requirements and file upload fields for submitters to upload documents such as W9’s or Insurance Certificates.

Further customization is available with formulas to compute scores and pass/ fail ratings that the General Contractor can create, or use third-party reference data. The scoring and rating calculations can serve as the ultimate risk mitigation tool, as it is set to each General Contractor’s ranking criteria.

Pantera Tools is proud to have some of the nation’s largest General Contractors using this new product in addition to their outstanding Bid Management. Conclusively, all of Pantera’s modules, including Project Management, Bid Management, and the Pantera Tools Mobile App are cohesive with no integrations required.

For more information, please contact Pantera at 877.219.9777.

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