November 5, 2015 Pantera Unveils Pantera Directory and the Verified Network

Pantera’s developers have been hard at work building Pantera’s public directory of subcontractors and the brand new Verified Network.

The directory of subcontractors features over 130,000 subcontractors from across the country who are ready to bid jobs and get to work. The feature is available for all Pantera Integrated Plan Room users. Subcontractors in the Pantera Directory have access to a company profile which they can use to demonstrate their organizations qualifications, past work, and credentials. General Contractors can add users from the directory to any of their bidding projects all in an effort to help Pantera users Connect.Bid.Win!

The Verified Network has been a program that the Pantera team has been working on for some time. The basic premise of the network is to bring together high quality Subcontractors and General Contractors together. Subcontractors that are “Verified” will have crucial qualification items professionally verified by experts to insure that all necessary information is current, accurate and up to date. This provides General Contractors with peace of mind knowing that they will have quality guys working on their big projects. Be on the lookout for more qualification and risk management opportunities in the near future.

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