August 3, 2011Some Interesting Statistics….

Since our deployment of the Profile Page in February and the completion of requested features in the Invitation to Bid system, we have had a significant impact on the Construction Technology sector.

In under 6 months we have added registered users at a very fast pace. We have just crossed 30,000 companies. These are not lists of contractors, they are current companies who have completed full registration and are using the system.

Our web stats have grown dramatically as well. We are now ranked ahead of virtually ALL the technology companies in the space, not only in web traffic, but in page views, time on site and unique visitors. Go to and see for yourself. Compare us against the company you are currently using.

Check out our download speeds against the competitor. We offer unlimited file storage and unmetered band width at no charge. Contractors love our system for its speed and ease of use. Our Doc Clerk fee’s are one-third the cost of most providers. This is probably one-tenth what you would pay to do it in-house.

Why on earth would anyone pay Thousands of Dollars per year for software that is not as good, not as fast and not as flexible as PanteraTools. We receive requests for features such as rankings, custom reports and other options that we incorporate and we continue to roll-out new features, such as Pre-Qualification, in real time that will be in a future release. Are you a Contractor that would like to have input into this dynamic tool? Contact Us!

See the quote below from an IT Manager from a large contractor who was evaluating our technology against an Industry Brand;

“I can’t imagine what training/support is like on this product! Stopping on a random frame (step 7), I count 49 different things I could possibly click on from one screen (and that’s not counting the two commands repeated for each row!) 4 or 5 levels of Buttons and tabs across the top, tabstrip on the left, tabs on the right, hell I bet there are even some more tabs and buttons on the bottom of the screen that I can’t see! Holy nested menus batman! xxxxxxxx is probably the worst, in my opinion.”

You can imagine how pleased we were to get this feedback. Many people are under the impression that lots of buttons, tabs and columns make for a robust web app. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It takes tremendous talent and artistry to perform complex tasks while hiding these easy to program type displays. I lost a proposal to a Major Industry executive once because the competitor had a newsfeed on their homepage! Our magic is on the inside, and built into each and every app. Why do you need to see every feature the product does in a piece of the program that isn’t relevant to what you are working on? You don’t, that’s the point, yet these cheaper systems are charging 1000’s of dollars each and every year. Give us a call (877) 219-9777, we can save you time, give you a better system and save you a lot of money!

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DeWayne Adamson
Pantera Global Technology

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