June 17, 2011Spring Newsletter

Major Announcement for the Sub-Contractor Community!!!

New Look, New Benefits!

Effective immediately, all registered users of PanteraTools have access to ALL of the features of the entire Pantera Tools product, including the Address Book. Send us your contacts and we will import them for you and make sure they are all up to date!!!

This means that Sub-Contractors can upload their digital files to their own Plan Room and use the Invitation to Bid tool to share those files to your subs and suppliers. No charge to you, No charge to your suppliers! This is a $10,000.00 per year value. Free.

Free downloads for everybody! Populate your Address Book (or send to us) to manage all your contacts. Create your Profile Page and build your network. Share your Profile with all your contacts. Show off your Company.

This will save you thousands of dollars in time and effort. Imagine being able to Bid more projects faster. Your Suppliers will have the information and the time to give you the low, low prices you need to win.

Our Private Project Leads from the Sub-Mall are growing everyday as we build the Community. Help us!

The Project Leads are Private and specific to your criteria. No Charge.

Consider our Print On-Line for .85 cent per page blueprints, any size with Free Shipping to your doorstep with a 10 buck min order. (this is where we make money and has moved us to profitability)

Join the World’s Fastest Growing Technology Company in the Construction Industry.

Here is a testimonial from this week;

“DeWayne, when I first signed up, I’d get 2 notices a week. Now I get 5 emails a day. I’d like to convince other contractors in FL, PA, OH, etc, to sign up. You have an incredible product. The more the network grows, the better off we all are. Please contact me. Thank you.”
– Scott Fielder

You will also notice a new look to the website. This does not affect the site after the login. Everything is the same inside other than a minor improvement on your Profile Page. Promote Yourself!

For your entertainment pleasure we are attaching a couple 30 second videos to poke fun at ourselves and our competition (do we have any?) Enjoy!


Contact Us at: customerservice@panteratools.com


DeWayne Adamson
Pantera Global Technology

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