January 6, 2011 Yet another release planned for this month!

We are cranking out software like nobody’s business. After the successful launch of the “Project Wall” and “Profile Page” over the holidays, we are now working on January projects.

This month will feature our integration with CpBid’s TotalBid product. Another free feature for you to use in preparing and submitting proposals. January will also contain at least two new deployments to satisfy requests from customers for enhancements to many of the Tools.

This months teaser? What if you could use a task manager with gant chart capability while on the Project Wall? It’s coming soon! Schedule your Projects, Your Managers and your Superintendents with one click, color coded timelines!!!! oh….I forgot to mention, free.

We have encountered numerous comments relative to the product being free. People assume that if they pay money for a product it must be better than something for free. Wrong! Now the challenge is how to communicate that to the user. A contest is in order. Watch for details.

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