June 26, 2013Hunt Construction Group signs agreement with Pantera

Hunt Construction Group, Phoenix, Arizona has signed a three year contract with PanteraTools.com to provide Pantera’s Bid Management and Document Management product. They have switched from another provider of the technology in favor of the Pantera offering and we are very excited to bring them on board.

In other news, Pantera Global Technology and Project Insight are deep into the integration of Panteratools Bid Management system into Project Insight’s Intelligent Project Management product. The platform will be the most sophisticated, cloud-based, end-to-end Project Management software in the Construction Industry.

The product is designed in accordance with PMI standards and PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) and uses award winning technology to provide the very best software while still making it easy to use for the Project Manager.

Construction firms will no longer be forced to use disparate, expensive, and disconnected products to leverage technology. The single sign-on, Best-in-class platform is coming soon!

Pantera Tools: The Next Generation of Bid Management

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