Pantera Tools, the leading provider of construction invitation to bid software, today announced it is working to extend the value of construction management software into the project management sector.
Pantera’s platform serves to connect all construction stakeholders and decision makers throughout the lifecycle of their building projects. The new project management suite of features will allow Pantera customers to incorporate job costing, budgeting, and invoicing into their existing accounts. This consolidation of project information can help streamline operations and communication within all team members.
DeWayne Adamson, Founder and CEO of Pantera Tools stated, “The entire team has worked hard to build a complete end-to-end Project Management system to complement our Bid Management product. The product line will compete against the many expensive Project Management platforms on the market with one big difference, affordability. Since the beginning, this has been our goal, and we are excited to bring the full product to fruition. All the features at a fraction of the price!”
Early adopters of the Pantera Tools Project Management features will receive discounted, guaranteed pricing. To learn more about Pantera’s newest features, contact Pantera Tools at (877) 219-9777.

Pantera Global Technology, formed in 2009 by construction and technology veteran DeWayne Adamson, is a leading provider of powerful bid, project, and risk management software for the Construction Industry. For more information, please visit


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